Monday, May 21, 2007

Other Managers Chart #8

Soon I will update the Football Managers Chart.

nametypelanguageseasonsinceuserslast time
1Hockey Arena
+ 21 others
?31 449
30 364/%
2 CharazayBasketball
+ 23 others?
15 53914 012/%
3SportmanagersHockey+ 4 others?
13 86713 429/%
9 490
8 970
8 461
7 428
6Rugby ManiaRugby
+ 6 others4
2005-10-024 486
3 963/%
7World Rugby ManagerRugby1
2006-12-163 875
2 881
8Handball Mania
+ 19 others5
3 787
3 555
Basketball+ 2 others5
3 2422 934/%
Hockey + 11 others15
2002-12-262 584
2 718
1 2121 155/%

1 002

edit: added Acemasters.
Online Tennis is more an RPG than a simulator so it-s not on the list
JB Tennis: I don't understand how it works, if you know more please leave a message.


Octavian said...

There are 998 active players and 5128 users. Next week season 4 will start and the managers will be able to transfer and have more than 1 player.
Inactive players will be placed on the transferlist (for 1 week) depending on their birthweek. Inactive manager accounts will be cancelled.

Acemasters Webmaster

Niklas said...

TM has overtaken Sokker for the second time since the last update, so we'd really like a new chart just for kicks ;)

Niklas said...

On a more correctional note: Perhaps some kind of standard should be introduced on what languages you show. I'd say that Portugese was a more interesting language to have in a game than Romanian for instance.

Niklas said...

Time might be up for a new footie manager list? If the thesis this blog has been built upon is correct (that the best games have more users) then TM deserves an update, as our games has by far out-grown Polish in the past couple of months :)

Octavian said...

Yeah, please update this great blog!

joniebee said...

As somebody who appears to know everything there is to know about online sport managers,I was wondering if i could pick your brains.I started playing world rugby manager then after a couple of weeks it simply disappeared,Not to be seen,Even now i cant reach the site.Any ideas,The game had only just started so i find it a bit odd.Any help would be great,Keep up the good work.

admin said...

I have no idea what happened, sorry. It seems it's dead.

Fritz said...

Try, better than peloton. ;)

Fritz said...
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Fritz said...
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Fritz said...
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